With Civic Automation Systems, your house or office can help you save the planet and cut down on your water and power usage without sacrificing your comfort.

By installing a lighting control system, the base from which your property can be programmed to perform a number of specific automated tasks, you are able to ensure that your home or office helps you conserve electricity. These tasks can include setting the timing of your home’s lighting system to switch on at dusk and switch off at dawn, or instructing your home to turn off your geyser via SMS.

Green automation functions can include:

    • Instructing your home or office to switch lighting and climate control systems off when not in use.
    • Programming motion sensors to automatically turn off lights and non-essential appliances in particular areas of your home or office once a set amount of time has passed.
    • Setting your lighting at less than 100% intensity (saves electricity and makes your bulbs last longer).
    • Control the air-conditioning system so it only operates when required or while there is movement in the area.

A Civic Automation office or home tracks your property’s power usage and provides you with a breakdown of that usage. Print data sheets detail how much power you use, on what, and in which areas of your property; from how often you run your pool motor, to how often your lights are on, at what intensity and how much power they use.

Your climate control systems can be programmed to activate at specified temperatures to conserve electricity. Controlling your blinds and curtains’ opening and closing during the hottest parts of the day regulates your property’s temperature, reducing climate control systems’ energy usage.

We can even install intelligent weather sensors to activate or deactivate your home’s irrigation system, saving water and electricity.

Energy conservation is in line with government legislation, especially in office buildings. With Civic Automation Systems, you can ensure that your home or office complies with government legislation, helping you save electricity and the planet.

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