Transform your house from a luxurious sanctuary, into a stylish, intelligent home, using Civic Automation Systems.

All home-automated solutions are premised on the installation of the lighting system. Your home’s lighting system effectively becomes the conduit through which all communiqués between you, your home, and the various systems in your home, travel. This provides the base system from which your home can then be programmed to perform a number of specific automated tasks.

These tasks can include dimming the lights, switching them on and off and closing the blinds when you turn on the TV.

Other lifestyle enhancements can include:

    • A Civic Automation Systems-installed climate control system, to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, without you having to touch a dial.
    • Varying ambience modes, allowing you to enjoy a romantic dinner, or a wild pool party, with the simple push of a button.
    • Setting your watering system to your garden’s specific needs.
    • Simple activation of your alarm system.
    • Using a single button to switch off a host of features including: switching off all the lights throughout the house, setting the alarm and even turning off water features.

Ultimately there are no limits to the lifestyle enhancements actions Civic Automation Systems can programme your house to perform.


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