With Civic Automation Systems you turn your house into an individually tailored home that helps you live a life of comfort and convenience.

All home-automated solutions are premised on the installation of the lighting system, which becomes the conduit through which all communiqués between you, your home, and the various systems in your home, travel.

After having the lighting control system installed, your home can then be programmed to perform a number of automated tasks, determined by you. These tasks can include automating your home to respond to your presence by running you a bath, switching on a stereo and lighting your path through your home.

With a Civic Automated home, life happens before you touch a button:

    • Programme your lights to switch on and off when you enter or exit a room.
    • Have your lights switch on sequentially down a passage or pathway, lighting up each step as you make your way around your property.
    • Run your bath at the perfect temperature at the same time every day, or step into a shower set to the perfect temperature; just push a button to perform a function.

Under-floor heating for your dog kennels? Want your home to feed your fish, or your dogs? With Civic Automation Systems, almost anything is possible. The options are curtailed only by your imagination.


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