Concerned about your house while you’re away? Away from home, but need to let in the plumber, interior decorator, or electrician? With a Civic Automated home it’s as simple as dialing in or logging on.

Home-automated solutions require the installation of a lighting system. Installing the lighting control system creates a conduit through which all communiqués between you, your home, and the various systems in your home, travel. This allows you to programme your home to perform a number of specific automated tasks. These tasks can include timing your home’s lighting system to switch on at dusk and switch off at dawn, or instructing your home to “phone” you should an alarm sensor be triggered.

With Civic Automation Systems home automation, you are able to “speak” to your house from anywhere in the world, either by telephone or by logging into your house via the internet.

Using your cellphone’s SMS or calling functions, or your laptop, you can control any aspect of your home’s automated system remotely, to switch your alarm, geysers or lights on, or off.

Set up your Civic Automated home so that your intercom dials directly through to your cellphone, allowing you to speak to your visitor, as though you’re at home. To let the visitor in, SMS or tell your home to deactivate perimeter and room sensors.

Want to make sure you have hot water when you arrive home from holiday? Text or call your Civic Automated home to tell it to turn on your geyser.

The remote control enhancements Civic Automation Systems can install in your home are limited only by your imagination. A simple SMS will perform functions previously performed by a live-in housekeeper.

Ultimately there are no limits to the lifestyle enhancements actions Civic Automation Systems can programme your house to perform.


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