Civic Automation Systems place a great deal of emphasis on delivering innovative solutions that surpass clients’ expectations.

Civic Automation Systems has been providing home automation services and products to South Africans looking to automate their homes for maximum convenience, for more than 20 years.

With our extensive experience and a host of cutting-edge products we can enhance your lifestyle through the installation of a variety of audio, video, lighting and climate control features.

We also have services tailored to your security needs. From electric fencing to home security automation, we have the skills and the products to ensure your peace of mind.

Specialising in networking – from data to communication networks – we have the technical capacity and the most up-to-date products to ensure that all your communication needs are met.

At Civic Automation Systems we also cater to your outdoor home maintenance needs, from Jacuzzis to fish ponds. We also have products to help you minimise your power consumption, to help make your home greener.


Services tailored to your security needs.

Civic's trained technicians have experience in networking and telephone cabling environments.

The technical team is underpinned by skilled project managers and supported by an efficient back-office operation. Civic Group has successfully completed structured cabling projects for a number of SA’s leading organisations, including Discovery Health, the Edcon Group, the JSE and many others.

Civic Automation Systems has also installed home automation systems in numerous private homes of distinction countrywide.
Civic Automation Systems - Lighting


Your lighting may be programmed to automatically turn on or off, depending on the intensity of natural light available. Lights may also be programmed to automatically switch on when someone enters the room and to switch off when the room is vacant.

Civic Automation Systems - Audio Visual

Home Data Networks

Setting up your own personal network is as simple as getting hold of one of our consultants. Set your house up so that you are able to go online wherever you desire.


Audio Visual

Multiroom sound and video can be programmed to automatically play, at the volume you require, over multiple speakers in various rooms of your choice in the house at the touch of a button.

Civic Automation Systems - Audio Visual

Climate Control

Air conditioning systems could be programmed to automatically adjust to your preferred temperature when you get home, the minute you de-activate your alarm, or open your garage door.

Civic Automation Systems - Audio Visual

Civic Automation Systems - Home Theatres

Home Theatres

At the touch of a button, from the comfort of your easy chair, you can set your system to dim the overhead lights, switch on certain mood lights, and switch on the TV – even to a pre-selected volume. The possibilities are endless. Along with a team of industry specialists your home theatre can be professionally planned and implemented.

Civic Automation Systems - Communication & Data Systems

Communication & Data Systems

Have a home telephone and/or data network installed to maximise your systems throughout the house.


Curtains & Blinds

At the touch of a button, or by installing light sensors, this tedious function can be automated.

Civic Automation Systems - Curtains & Blinds

Security Systems

Set the system to not only automatically set off the alarm system when movement is detected, but also to turn on all internal and external lighting and even turn on TV and hi-fi systems in your home.

Civic Automation Systems - Security Systems

Civic Automation Systems - Lighting

Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)

Keep an eye on your property and home through a CCTV system. The system allows you to see what’s going on in or outside your house either while you’re at home, or remotely via the internet.

Civic Automation Systems - Power Usage Monitoring

Power Usage Monitoring

Find out how much electricity you’re using by installing a power usage consumption monitor, thereby helping you limit your consumption.


Security System Automation

When you go on holiday and select the ‘away’ setting, your system could be set to activate additional security features in your home.

Civic Automation Systems - Holiday Mode

Swimming Pool / Jacuzzi & Fish Ponds

The temperature of Koi ponds or swimming pools could be monitored by your system and kept at a certain temperature. You could also programme your system so that by the time you get home after work, the water in your jacuzzi is automatically heated to your preferred temperature.

Civic Automation Systems - Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Systems

By adding this feature to you automation system you will be able to control your irrigations system seamlessly from your home control system, as well as switching on and off from anywhere in the world via your smart device.