Your Civic Automated house can be an effective first line of defence instilling confidence in your, and your family’s, safety, whether you’re on the property or away.

By integrating your security system with your home’s lighting system, the base system from which your home is programmed, your house is able to perform a number of tasks to improve its security.

These tasks can include timing your home’s lighting system to switch on at dusk and switch off at dawn, or instructing your home to “phone” you should an alarm sensor be triggered. Watering the garden for summer and winter months can be set as a feature or by the push of a button.

Incorporating an optional alarm system with keypads that double as intercoms and installing an optional CCTV system, means keeping an eye on your home while you’re away has never been easier. You can simply dial, or log, into your home to connect to the alarm keypads/intercoms, to listen to, or view, any activity.

The alarm system is also able to SMS or phone you when it is set off, to tell you which sector has been compromised. In addition, the home automation system allows you to remotely activate or deactivate your alarm system.

Home automation also includes a programmable system, which allows you to set up your home to mimic your presence when you’re away.
    • Turn your radio or television set on to suggest a presence in your home.
    • Open and close your blinds at selected times.
    • Switch the lights on and off, mimicking your, or your family’s, home-bound behaviours.

The security system can also be instructed to activate the alarm on specified areas of your property, the moment you return home, ensuring your safety the minute you step through the front door.


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