Simplify your digital lifestyle with easy to control high quality Audio/Video in one room or your whole home

Control4 entertainment solutions create the ultimate audio/video experience—in one room or every room, no matter the size of your home. Experience the latest 4K movies,stream high-resolution music, enjoy unlimited entertainment, or create an unbeatable hometheater experience.

Technology disappears and you simply interact with your favourite movies and music from an easy-to-use, intuitive Control4 interface, such as a hand-held remote, tabletop touch screen, the phone in your pocket, or with the simplest interaction method of all—your voice.

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Simply control your whole home from one device.

The completely redesigned interface will ensure the right level of comfort for any home and provide powerful flexibility that will maximize energy efficiency. All-new presets provide personalized comfort settings that can be recalled on a schedule or with a couple of taps on a touch screen or in the Control4 App. Imagine, a climate control system that responds to the dynamic changes of daily life, instead of being bound to a rigid time-based schedule.

Precision, reliability, & flexibility

• Adjust the temperature in thermostat mode

• Manage heating and cooling set-points

• Adjust fan speed

• Control humidity levels (with a connected humidity system)

Works seamlessly around the world.

Now you can use this beautiful new comfort experience with common household systems and popular brands throughout the world, including radiant flooring, forced air, dual fuel, and geothermal systemsprovided by your favorite brands.



Taking back control of your advanced security system

Your security system will integrate into your home automation. When your system is armed and a intruder is the detected, scene will automatically trigger on your system.

Example turning on light in certain areas and turning on your TV with the selected camera to view.



Making your home feel like home

Brighten or dim any light in the room—or the entire house—with a single touch. Or automate lighting to respond to your life, without any touch at all. The house can even appear occupied when no one is home. It’s not just smart, it’s brilliant.