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    Solar Power installed on newly built
    and existing homes.

What is Solar Power?

Solar Power is a system that uses the sun to provide power and charge batteries via panels placed on the roof of your home to provide you with electricity during the day and limited power during a power failure. 

How Does This Work?

Sun light is harvested from panels installed on the roof of your home and is fed into a specialised unit that converts the sun rays into power. This power is then fed into your home power grid and used to substitute or supplement the power from Eskom.

What Do I Need?

Firstly you need solar panels installed onto the roof. Secondly you will need to allocate an area (e.g. Garage) to place the inverter and battery banks. Thirdly the inverter will be wired into your present electrical system. Lastly a control system needs to be installed to provide power to selected items in your home.

What size of system will I need?

Civic presently supplies 4KvA, 6KvA and 10KvA either single of three phase systems. An analysis of your requirements will be done in consultation with you at the quoting stage.

Can I convert my present home to Solar Power?

Our systems can be installed into existing and newly built homes. The full installation of our systems is planned, implemented and commissioned by Civic, so there is no need for you to find a separate electrician for the task.

Does the system need maintenance?

The batteries installed on our systems are fully maintenance free and have indicators to show you the status of power in the battery. The solar panels are zero maintenance items that are permanently installed on your existing roof. All other components installed do not require any adjustment once fully commissioned.

Is the system guaranteed?

All Civic Smart Systems carry a year guarantee on all workmanship. Batteries carry a two year maintenance free warranty; the inverter has a two year warranty. 

How do I manage the system?

The system is controlled from a user friendly app that shows you exactly what the amount of power is being generated and used by your home, giving you peace of mind that not only are you saving money, but also becoming self-sufficient and saving the planet. 

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